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        SERVICE Mainly engagedmechanical manufacturing

        Support services

        It is a well-known enterprise in the energy-saving and environmental protection industry in Liaoning Province. It is a high-tech enterprise integrating the design, sales, installation, debugging and service of new energy products. Now, under the promotion of government policies, the company has listed energy-saving and environmental protection products as the main business, and established the enterprise mission of "providing the best service for energy conservation and emission reduction". At present, the company has established strategic partnership with several famous brands at home and abroad, such as Haier, creative Expo, Tianshu, Fujita, etc. The company cooperates closely with domestic universities and scientific research institutions, relying on the advanced technology and excellent talents of their new energy center, and comprehensively participates in the fields of solar heating, photoelectric, heat pump heating and water purification. The company has independent intellectual property rights, high-tech microcomputer automatic control system, etc.